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To Buy or to Lease?
Answer these simple questions about your driving habits. Then click on the “Results” button and we'll help determine which financing may be best for you.

At Bob Johnson GM of LeRoy, New York, our commitment is to make your ownership experience as easy as possible.

We recognize that our customers are as dynamic as our products, and it our goal to provide you with options to make owning or leasing one of our cars the easiest part of your experience.

Bob Johnson GM is able to provide several attractive programs utilizing manufacturer, local, and national lenders who really want your business!

We offer many different options and opportunities to finance your Chevrolet, Cadillac, Pontiac, Buick and GMC.
Monthly payments can be tailored to fit your needs for up to 60 months or more, based on your down payment and specific needs.
  Monthly payments are applied to the actual purchase of the vehicle. You can pay off the balance due at any time with
  no penalty. Once the car is paid off, you are free to do as you please with it. Buying allows you to keep the vehicle for as
  long or as short a period as you would like.
Click Here to apply for financing using our Secure 30 Second Credit Application
One Pay Lease
Would you rather not make monthly lease payments?

How about only paying for the portion of the car that you use up front?

We offer a One Pay lease that allows you to make only one payment during the entire term of the lease. If you usually pay cash for your vehicles and trade out often, this is an excellent alternative and saves you money.

Click Here to apply for a One Pay Lease using our Secure 30 Second Credit Application

Leasing one of our vehicles allows you to drive your car at a lower payment than a traditional installment loan. We can tailor lease payments to term desired and mileage needs.
  Monthly payments are applied to the depreciation and use of the vehicle, not the actual purchase. At the end of the
  lease term, you can either return your vehicle or purchase it from the lesser.
  Lease vehicles are usually covered under the factory warranty for the entire duration of the lease.
Bob Johnson GM provides complete on-site financing and leasing. With a quick application and a minimum of paperwork, your transaction can be seamlessly accommodated prior to your vehicle delivery.
Click Here to apply for a Lease using our Secure 30 Second Credit Application